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Don't go advertising just wherever you please. Commissions-I've had a few people ask about this a bit! Commissions will entirely depend on how busy I am its still to early in the year to tell how much time school will take up next to my job to open these often. Second- I have a job!This is what's taking up literally almost all of the time I would have had to work on art stuff freely next to my homework. But don't expect a request from a artist or to ask a artist for something aside from that like a drawing and not pay for it. This titles increases Magic Attack by 15, Alchemy Water/Fire/Wind/Clay Damage by 12, Magic Defense by 6, and Magic Protection by 6. A coupon that will give you the 'Holy Grail War Veteran' title. Saber's Master 2nd Title Coupon. 2 1 . Trke (Turkish). This article was originally published in forum thread: Festive Holiday Sales! started by Eos View original post . Defense +8, Protection +8, Critical +5% upon title activation. 2 1 . A coupon that will help you obtain the Lileas 2nd Title. Magic Defense +5, Magic Protection +5, Movement Speed +2% upon title activation. DEF by 6, and Magic Protection by 6. PAYMENT TYPES- Points and Paypal$$$ COMMISH TYPES- Fullbodies, chibis, cute/cuddly, seasonal themed stuFF (Anything similiar in likes to those 100% would love to see)- Full images w/ background and everything, Waist ups/half bodies, journal/page dolls (Not as much as the aforementioned but def will look at!)- headshots/busts, small pixels, whatever else, etc (I'm not looking for these but mmM I may be tempted depending) WHAT I'm LOOKING TO HAVE DRAWN/COMMISH- HUMANS!!!, FERALS!!!, and may look at anthro stuff! (Not searching but kinda interested in ponysona artists to?? idk free for all heRE)- MY friends OC's/Sona's (small/big cats, dogs, bears, foxes)- Couple art of me and my boyfriend's OC's/Sona's (haha hi guys unless you follow my twitter for at least a solid month or so you prob didn't know this woops well now you dO he's a dork doggo aHH UPDATE Busybusybusy Thu Nov 17, 2016, 8:29 PM UPDATE: I have submitted everything I needed for my aforementioned college deadline! I have some extra stuff to do bUT bASICALLY IM FREEEE agAIN (aside from work riP) commissions are coming tysm for your patience guys it means a toN!! ;W; )/HellLOOOO its about time I make a journal I know I've made a few polls and etc but meH they don't really give enough sO HERE we gOI'm still always actively checking my messages every day! I see everything I'm sorry if it takes me a bit to respond and etc though!Summary of life right nowIM suPER BUSY IM SORRY AHHH Its senior year and I had a sudden change in college plans! I've been super busy trying to build a 15-20 piece portfolio and I already have half of it now bUT still yknow putting it all together, essays, recommendation letters and etc are a pain and take a looot of time. I'm sorry I couldnt do Halloween YCHs this time round like last year- I hope to still put up some general spooky themed YCH's once everythings done as well as definitely a few different types/multiple Winter Season/Christmas themed YCH's though hopefully :'DDCommissions/TO-DOI tried tagging or messaging some of you guys before I may have even talked one on one at some point or another with some of you depending!BUT I'm going to tag everyone I owe stuff right here just in case and re mention stuff I don't want to leave any of you in the dark about your commissions and stuff! ;w;Rains-Lullaby ,Purrminator ,Nyamui ,Miss-Tyc ,DaytimeDeer ,JmyQ ,ScribbleCoreDA,UNREAL-Koi ,TheWisestDino , bruisers , kittnboys , ravensarekewlThis wait for everythings ridiculous I'm so sorry guys! I honestly really misjudged how busy the beginning of senior year would be and it wont even nearly calm down at all until college submissions are done (which is December-January that those tend to wrap up for good)If I owe you a trade or etc something similar I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten at all and I'll get on it asap when I'm free!If I owe you a commissionI would also similiarily like to let you know I haven'tforgotten! But I would also like to extend the offer to anyone who would like it to receive a refund. ee1f8b9cc0
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